OBNOXIOUS LADIES : Women in the Australian Landscape - WORDS BY EMMA BEER.

These works are like dirty play on the football field that goes unnoticed.

An event that has the potential to drastically change the course of the game but can be so easily ignored by most.

Although these paintings have nothing to do with foul play or questioning immoral behaviour or even football altogether, they too could go unacknowledged.

They’re the sideline players of my recent development in the studio. I could easily not give them a game, a kick or even a run.

But something in my gut said that it was ok. The voice inside my head –let’s call her Coach, said: why not try tackle down your strongest opponent and see what happens next?

Fuelled by instinct and physicality, the mind and body run side by side. I can confidently say: I’m not a Collingwood supporter.

The attitude towards how one chooses to presents oneself is determined here not by just putting the best players on the field but the bold and determined.

This is a fearless and honest representation of the chase and struggles in training for the desire to reach my full potential.

Shit, perhaps the ball has been dropped or kicked out on the full one too many times, but I’m still facing the two white posts.

- MAY, 2016.